Get Started with Your Workstation

Please follow the instructions to get started with Launcher on the workstation.

Dear AI Maker,
Thank you for purchasing our workstation. Your support and trust in us are much appreciated. Let get started your AI journey with me!

First Boot Setup

Connect your network and monitor. After powering it on, head to find the "IP" on the lower right corner of the screen. Take a note of the IP address displayed.

Please open your web browser and head to  http://<Your IP Address>:8081 on another computer or laptop, this will pull up the Launcher Setup Wizard.

Then your workstation doesn't need the monitor anymore. Unlike a traditional computer, a workstation won't be a mouse, keyboard, and monitor attached.

Click "Get started" to start the process of configuring your nilvana workstation.

Enter Activation Code

Enter your Activation Code in the field. If you are not sure where to find it, please refer to Where can you find your activation code?

Create Administrator Account

This administrator account password will be used as the Dejavu login password. What is Dejavu?

Now Launcher will be starting to download and install. Before Launcher is finished, please do not turn off your workstation, and make sure the network is available.

Congratulations! The installation process has been successfully completed! Click on "Connect" to start your AI journey! 🚀

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