Introduction to nilvana™ flow ─ Extension nodes

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In this article we are going to cover the following topics:

Visual Learners! Here is the tech demo

Blacklists, whitelists and white or black list

At the same time, three other nodes allow you to filter the recognized faces. By adding the name to the list from the whitelists node, only the recognition data that matches the name on the list will be sent to the next node. Since we have the whitelists node, there is also a blacklists node. Same as whitelists node, by adding the name to the list, the recognition data that does not match the name on the list will be sent to the next node. You can also switch between whitelists and blacklists mode after adding the white or black list node, so that you can have the whitelists node and blacklists node by only adding one node!

▽ Add whitelists node and add name to the list

▽ Connect the whitelists node to face recognition node to get the recognition information

▽ After deploying, the whitelists node is ready!

▽ IU is in the list of whitelists, you can see the name under whitelists node when IU is capturing by the camera

▽ Add the blacklists node into the flow

▽ Add Taeyeon into the blacklists

▽ You also need to add the connection between blacklists and face recognition node

▽ IU is under the blacklists node because of IU is not in the blacklists

▽ Add white or black list node into the flow and add Taeyeon into whitelists

▽ Connect white or black list node with face recognition node

▽ Now, Taeyeon is under the white or black list node when capturing by camera

Facial webhooks

You can add the facial webhooks node to send the recognition information to the webhook, all you need to do is fill the url field with the webhook url. The recognition information that includes the image information can also be sent to webhook by easily checking the "include detected image".

▽ Add facial webhooks node into flow

▽ Take webhook site for example, search "webhook site" in your web browser

▽ Paste the webhook url

▽ Connect facial webhooks node to facial recognition node

▽ Don't forget to deploy the modifications

▽ After capturing the face, the recognition information will be sent to the webhook

▽ Back to webhook site, the recognition information displayed

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