Why my workstation turns on but no display?

Please try the following steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Check the power
    • Please check the connection between the power cord, AC adapter, power extension cord, and electric socket are well connected.  If there is a main power switch on the extension cord, please make sure it is switched on.
    • Be sure to use the power cord and AC adapter with the proper specifications and originally bundled with the nilvana workstation.
    • Replacing the extension cord and electric socket may be helpful in the attempt to eliminate the problem.
  2. Confirm the output connection from the monitor to the graphics card
    • Please make sure the monitor cable and power cable are properly connected.  Ensure the external display is powered on.
    • Nilvana workstation comes with an external graphics card, please connect the other end of the monitor cable to its display outputs, as indicated below in red.
    • If you have other monitors, please try to connect the nilvana workstation and another monitor to ensure the display is normal on another monitor.

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