Introduction to Nilvana Dejavu

In this article we are going to cover the following topics:

Home Page

  1. Kit list: All purchased kits are displayed, and you can click the left and right buttons to switch. The kit sequence here is shown in the order set in “Kits Edit”. If you are not familiar with Kits Edit, please refer to Kit Management.AI Kit Management
  2. Tool display area: Displays the enabled tools to help you monitor workstation performance.AI Tool Display
  3. Shortcuts: Kits editing and sorting, tools enabling and editing, all of which are only available after logging in.Shortcuts
  4. Toolbar: The toolbar is located at the top right of the screen.Toolbar


The toolbar is located at the top right of the screen and contains the following items:


  1. Download: You can check the progress of kit download here.
  2. Notice Center: You can view all notice messages here. It contains the latest information about Nilvana™, as well as kit update notices. If you receive a kit update notice, follow the instructions in the message to restart the kit.
  3. Additional Information: You can check out our Terms of Service here for usage specifications, visit the store for the latest items, and find out how to contact Nilvana™ if you have any questions.
  4. Settings: You can set the display language, view the version of Dejavu, change the background and theme, create personalized scenery, and reset the Dejavu login password.

Get Started with Nilvana Dejavu

Dejavu makes it easy to manage your own kits and provides the tools to help you monitor workstation performance. As the default, the "Launcher" settings have been completed in these instructions. If it is not clear how to set up Launcher please refer to Get Started with Your Workstation.

Please open your web browser and head to http://<Your IP Address>:8080 on another computer or laptop, then you can use Dejavu.

When you are not logged in to Dejavu, you can only browse the information and use the enabled kits; you cannot make any edits or changes to the status. If Dejavu has been idle for too long and there are no operations, Dejavu will automatically log out.

When using Dejavu for the first time, log in and download the kits you want to use. The login password is the password you set up during Launcher execution.

  1. Select the kits you want to download.Download AI Kits
  2. Click the "Download" button to view progress of the kit download in the toolbar.Download AI Kits

To quickly download multiple kits, click on the "Shortcuts" button on the right:

  1. Click “Kits Edit”.Manager AI Kits
  2. Click the "Download" button for the kits you want to download.Download AI Kits

Once the download is complete, you can click and use the kits:

  1. Click the kits.Open Your Best AI Kits
  2. Click to open the operation interface of the kit in a new page.Use Your Best AI Kits

Kit Management

Kit management can assist you with switching the status of multiple kits at once, as well as sorting the kits to move your favorite kit to the front. Click "Shortcuts" > "Kits Edit" to edit the kit.

Manage AI Kit Easily

You can then continue here:

  1. Switch the status of the kit to enable or disable the kit.
  2. Restart the kit. When a kit is updated or upgraded, you need to click "Restart" to restart the kit to get its latest version.
  3. Sort the kits by dragging and dropping to order them according to your preferences.Manage AI Kit EasilyManage AI Kit Easily

Tool Management

You can enable and edit the tools here so that system information is presented in a graphical manner, and you can easily monitor the operation of the workstation and master the status of the workstation. Click on "Shortcuts" > "Tools Edit" to enable and edit the tools.

Tool Management

Add the tools you want to enable.

Tool Management

To adjust the order of the tools, go to the Home Page's “Tool Display Area” and drag and drop to adjust them.

Tool Management

Kit Store

Here you can browse all the kit information that nilvana™ provides.

AI Kits Store

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